Richard Taylor - Weta Workshop

Richard Taylor - Weta Workshop

To whom it may concern, Weta has had a proud relationship with PaintPlus for over 10 years now. We use a wide range of PaintPlus products for different applications on our miniatures and props in the workshop. The Scenic Flat range is invaluable to us for the priming and ageing down of our miniatures and bigatures. We use the Flexi Film for our rock faces and joins in our foam work as it seals the joints to stop the paint soaking in. It gives the very weak polystyrene great...

Richard Taylor, Managing Director, Weta Workshop

Some movies PaintPlus has been involved in

Here are some movies PaintPlus was involved in: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 30 Days of Night The Last Samurai Boogeyman Xena: Warrior Princess Avatar Crooked Earth King Kong Laundry Warrior The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King The...

Jason Addison - Coffey Projects

I am the Senior Project Manager for Coffey Projects, managers to the Waikato District Health Board Campus Redevelopment Project. This is a record of the history I have experienced with the adoption of the PaintPlus products into our construction and maintenance programmes at the Waikato Hospital site. Some 5 years ago we were confronted with an odour and timing challenge during the renovation of the Birthing Unit and Operating Theatre. By adopting the use of the PaintPlus...

Jason Addison, Senior Project Manager, Coffey Projects

Exnol Harris - The Waldorf Hilton London

I have been asked by Adam to express my opinion with regards to the use of Paint Plus products here at the Hotel which we’ve been using for over two years with great success. Firstly, and most importantly we have found that Paint Plus products to have a unique drying and re-coat time which means we can complete decorations very quickly and no Longer have complaints with regards to areas not being habitable. Secondly, the paint can be easily cleaned and touched in...

Exnol Harris, Chief Engineer, The Waldorf Hilton

Charles Griffith - Doubletree by Hilton

I have been asked by Adam Green at Paint Plus to put together a short letter setting out why I believe their products are like no other available today. I would say the most important detail is the drying time. We can paint any area from a corridor wall to a bedroom door which will be touch dry in around 20 minutes and competed from start to finish with the door being closed in around 2 hours and that’s with 2 coats of paint ! All the products have virtually no smell and...

Charles Griffths, Decorator, DoubleTree by Hilton London - Tower of London

Neil Glenister - Doubletree by Hilton

I have been using Paint Plus products for over 5 years now in my previous 3 hotels (The Grove, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge and Mint Hotel / Doubletree by Hilton, London – Tower of London), and can highly recommend the products supplied by Paint Plus. They are quick drying, very low odour, very durable, and the Carbon Neutral Certification is a highly desirable quality in this day and age. For the hospitality business all of the aforementioned qualities are essential,...

Neil Glenister, Property Maintenance Manager, DoubleTree by Hilton London - Tower of London

Rafal Kolakowski - Hilton London Tower Bridge

I’ve been using Paint Plus for over two years. The paint have several excellent values like odourless, quick drying time and extreme durability. Especially durability is very important in the commercial building to keep low cost of maintenance. Paint Plus finish can be easily cleaned when soiled without any damage to the surface. Personally I tried to clean red wine spillage from the wall painted with Paint Plus and even though it was matt finish I was able to remove the...

Rafal Kolakowski, Facilities Manager, Hilton London Tower Bridge

Rachael Carrick - Home owner with comment about asthma

I have been meaning to email you since we painted my son Edward's room last week.  Because of Edward's asthma and general tendency to be allergic to a lot of things we have always used low odour water-based paints.  When I was pregnant with my second child I saw an article in a magazine about paint plus and was really interested in it.  We were about to paint our new extension, and as our decorators had not heard of your paint we didn't take the risk - I really wish...

Rachael Carrick, Home Owner,

Jon Gadd - BSI EN ISO 11998 scrub test results

Well the results for the Easy Flow BSI EN ISO 11998 Scrub test were amazing! Are you surprised ? Here they are: Easy Flow White Loss in coating mass (g/m2) = 1.15 Mean loss of film thickness (µm)= 0.65 EN 13300 classification = Class 1 Class 1 <5µm at 200 cycles Class 2 ≥5µm and <20µm at 200 cycles Class 3 ≥20µm and <70µm at 200 cycles So your paint is very good indeed with a thickness loss of only 0.65µm at 200...

Jon Gadd, Coatings Technologist, PRA Coatings Technology Centre - part of the Pera Innovation Network

Mr. D Bell - Park Plaza Hotel Westminster Bridge

We were introduced to Paint Plus as a quality eco friendly paint that was durable, quick drying and with virtually no odour. These qualities were of interest to us as we need to complete decoration work to guest rooms and public areas quickly and with the least inconvenience to customers and staff. Our decorators, whilst sceptical at first have found that the Paint Plus products actually “do what they say on the tin” and have been very pleased with the ease of...

Mr. D Bell, Chief Engineer, Park Plaza Hotel - Westminster Bridge

Panelrok NZ Ltd

Panelrok NZ Ltd

Paint Plus provides Panelrok with the responsiveness we require for our quick-turnaround, high-quality service. With customers requesting a variety of colours to match or complement existing colour schemes, Paint Plus offers Panelrok a flexible, accurate solution.

Murray Clarke, Managing Director, Panelrok NZ Ltd

Northland District Health Board

We have found them to provide top quality products and have received exemplary service. This paint has low VOCs and is non-toxic in nature, it also dries very quickly, allowing faster application of second coats. As a result, we have painted our Maternity and Mental Health units and staff have been able to continue utilising these areas as work progressed, minimising disruption.

Estate Manager

YMCA Auckland

We have been very impressed with the finish and colour selection. We are delighted to recomment PaintPlus for the provision of paint and also the very professional advice received from their staff.

John Fairhurst

Vinnie Healy

I have suffered from asthma and severe chemical-induced side-effects for many years. I have always found it extremely hard to get paints that don't make me ill when I'm exposed to the fumes. I have tried all the so-called environmentally friendly and low-toxicity paints available in the New Zealand market and they have, without exception, made me quite unwell. PaintPlus have the only paints that I've used that have been truly non-toxic and very low in allergens. They are fantastic and really...

Vinnie Healy

3M New Zealand

At 3M, we use water-based acrylic enamel coatings wherever possible, in line with our strong commitment to environmental care and employee health. We have been using PaintPlus as our preferred paint supplier. We have found the service provided by PaintPlus excellent and the prices very competitive.

John Andrews, Senior Building Services Engineer, 3M New Zealand

Waitemata District Health Board

Waitemata District Health Board

The majority of our maintenance painting is adjacent to patient occupied areas. Qualities such as low odour, fast drying, durability, easy application and affordability are some of the criteria we require. We have found PaintPlus products meet all our stringent environmental and health standards. Their performance exceeded our expectations especially when acute respiratory patients experienced no ill effects and no discomfort, and we have received no odour complaints. From an economic...

Peter Jaine, Service Manager Facilities, Waitemata District Health Board

2 Construct

Our queries regarding products are often complex, technical and quite specific to the theatre industry. This is where we've found PaintPlus to excel. We have found that no query is too obscure or no request too much trouble for PaintPlus to find the answer to.

Matt Munford, Director, 2 Construct

Graham Ball Building Services

I found the service second to none. The paint is a pleasure to use.

Graham Ball, MD

Pauline Morris

I am an asthmatic who loves to decorate. The two just didn't mix until now. For years I have struggled with paint fumes during painting and for days after. But after using your paint, fumes are no longer a problem. I can even paint with the door closed. I did my son's room with your paint, and he was able to move in as soon as the paint dried! It also looked great.

Pauline Morris

Neil Rutherford

I have yet to find a paint company that exceeds the quality of PaintPlus and will continue to use and recommend them to my clients.

Neil Rutherford

Pacific Renaissance Pictures

Pacific Renaissance Pictures

I wanted a super-saturated, thick, dead-flat, high-volume, non-toxic water-based paint for scenery and sets. After 30 years of painting backdrops and film sets, this is the best I've come across. Great service too!

Paul Radford, Head Scenic Artist, Pacific Renaissance Pictures

Dennis Fuller

Best Products in New Zealand.

Dennis Fuller

Carnavon Private Hospital

We have found it excellent in our hospital situation.

Max Brownlee, CEO, Carnavon Private Hospital Trust

Neil Rose

Perfect colour matching. Great service.

Neil Rose