paint+ means more money for hotels, hospitals

Enterprises that rely on human occupancy of rooms for revenue, for instance hotels and hospitals, find that using PaintPlus boosts their bottom line.

Paint+ dries fast, doesn't have the odour issues of paints and doesn't pose a health risk through the release of high levels of volatile organic compounds.

"Our hotel customers are able to paint a room and put guests into it that same night," says Paint+ co-owner Jim Beattie.

"That is a fabulous return on investment for them. It's like the painter was never there. If they had used other paint, the total cost of the exercise would have to include lost revenue, which isn’t an issue if they use Paint+."

Jim says many Paint+ clients find that the added bed-nights they gain by using Paint+ completely offsets the cost of the painting.

Hospitals, where bed occupancy is equally crucial, also benefit. The North Shore Hospital has used Paint+ for many years and hasn’t had a single odour complaint or respiratory issue in all that time.

"Before they started using our paint, they had numerous staff complaints whenever there was painting, even nurses going home sick."

Another great benefit found by North Shore Hospital is that painting now takes half the time it used to take, because Paint+ dries so quickly.